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/ Personal Templates / 45 Biography Templates & Examples (Personal, Professional) A biography is simply an account of someone’s life written by another person. A biography can be short in the case of few sentences biography, and it can also be long enough to fill an entire book.

How to write a good Biography. A biography is meant to. Jun 30,  · 4 Write a Corporate Executive Bio When you need a professional bio from your staff for your website, business proposals or publications such as newsletters, you need consistency. How To Write A Sports Bio.

Your sports bio is one of the best self-marketing tool for yourself. A sports bio is a well written biographical outline of your sports career that will help convince your potential.

It also should outline your sports career stating your accomplishments, stats, and future goals. The Purdue Writing Lab Purdue University students, faculty, and staff at our West Lafayette, IN campus may access this area for information on the award-winning Purdue Writing Lab. This area includes Writing Lab hours, services, and contact information.

A biography is a written account of the series of events that make up a person's life. Some of those events are going to be pretty boring, so you'll need to try to make your account as interesting as possible!

Every student will write a biography at some point, but the level of detail and. Synopsis. Born on December 31,Nicholas Sparks wrote his first (unpublished) novel while sidelined by a sports injury. He then attended the University of Notre Dame and went into sales.

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